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BethAnn Goldberg

owner, cake designer & decorator​ mom wouldn't let me make a mess in her kitchen when I was little.... I still don't make a mess, but now you can't keep me out of the kitchen!  Studio Cake is the combination of everything I love in life.... the evolution of a ceramic sculptor, Stanford grad, former NASA engineer, kitchen enthusiast and mom of two to cake designer and baker.  Not formally trained in pastry, I have a slightly offbeat, non conventional, learn as you go mentality.... and as a person who is quick to dream, laugh and do, jumping in head first with a large grin is everyday for me!


When folks ask, "what is your style at Studio Cake?", my answer is very simple.... "making yours shine in cake!".  My goal each day is to listen to what you love, embrace your event as a part of my life, and make a cake that is a special part of a special time for you. Kinda simple, but to the point.  The way life and a slice of cake should be. 


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